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Recent News

Alphapura innovates R&D team to deliver ARMS 1.0 by XMas (2018)

Alphapura to partner with leading patent law firm for infringement protection (2018)

USPTO grants 1st non-provisional patent (2018)

Alphapura selected Start-Up of the Month by Comstock Magazine (2017)

Alphapura selected by Kauffman Foundation to present to media (2017)

Alphapura presents at McGeorge School of Law, University of Pacific (2017)

Alphapura presents at Entrepreneur Week, Sacramento (2017)

Impact Venture Capital selects Alphapura Robotics for accelerator program (2017)

Alphapura submits second non-provisional patent for process (2017)

Alphapura LLC incorporates (2017)

Older News

Alphapura submits 2nd provisional patent for process (2016)

Alphapura applies for National Science Foundation and Department of Energy Research Grants (2016)

Robotics Tomorrow forecasts Alphapura will be a 3D printing industry "Game Changer" (2015)

Facebook market research reveals 60K views in 11 days, forecasts $22M-$44M annual sales (2015)

All3DP reports that Alphapura will turn garbage into a disruptive 3D printing filament (2015) 

Alphapura files for non-provisional utility patent for design (2015), Janson may "go down in history as one of the more influential inventors of his time" (2015)

Alphapura attempts to seed fund via Kickstarter crowdfunding and PRWeb campaign (2015)

Alphapura files provisional patent for design (2014)

Frederick Janson designs and builds the first Alphapura unit using Lego Robotics kits and dental floss (2013)

International News

DUURZAM (Netherlands)

ENCROS (France)


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