Alphapura Robotics LLC Recycler Manufacturing 3D Scanning CNC 3DP

ALPHAPURA Recycling Manufacturing Systems


Our mission is to provide homes and organizations a smart appliance capable of transforming their meltable recyclables into more than a million types of new products, to help them have, save, and use more, while spending, wasting, and depleting less, facilitated by artificial intelligence, social media, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT). We believe that this system will help alleviate many interconnected world issues...

Have, save, and profit more. Deplete, buy, and waste less.

... As the more things we buy, the more things we toss. The more things we toss, the more Earth is lost. The more Earth is lost, the more things will cost. The more things will cost, the more jobs will be lost. The more jobs that are lost, the more lines will be crossed. The more lines that are crossed, the more lives will be lost. The more lives eventually lost, to get to the boss, The more things we’ll buy, and the more things we’ll toss.