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License the Future: Disrupt Manufacturing, Retail, and E-Commerce

  1. Alphapura's Founder and CEO, Frederick Janson, formerly a research professional and research intern at Stanford University, was the first to file a patent in the United States for a system capable of both recycling and manufacturing using additive and/or subtractive processes, having taught in one embodiment a system capable of repurposing meltable recyclables, like plastics, glass, and metals, into new 3D products, of interest to Impact Venture Capital, who in 2017 selected Alphapura for their accelerator program, in the sustainability group. 
  2. In January 2018, the USPTO allowed the first non-provisional patent for the same, with more currently in the USPTO pipeline. Click HERE for a link to the 2018 parent patent. 
  3. Alphapura has identified and defined a US recycling-manufacturing home and office market of well over $500 billion, with 70% of US adults in homes and offices repeatedly agreeing to buy such a system in 2018 and 2017, across two national surveys via Survey Monkey, with 95% statistical confidence, +/- 9.8% sample size variance. 
  4. ARMS technology is extremely disruptive to manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce industries, allowing homes and offices to turn their meltable recyclables into over a million types of products, allowing users of ARMS to have, save, and use more, while spending, wasting, and depleting less. A common sense revolution.
  5. This technology will very likely significantly change how homes and offices acquire new products in the future. Imagine not having to go to the store or order online to get a product but to be able to just make the product you need when you need it, and then when you are done, turn the product you made into another product.
  6. Image a tool that a novice could use because artificial intelligence helps the user use the machine and troubleshoot, and this tool can make over a million 3D products out of many different types of materials, using over a million free designs online via IoT, which interacts with the systems Artificial Intelligence.
  7. Contact us if you would like to license some or all of our technology for use in your own products or systems.