Partnering with the Future

Based on the Wohler Report, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Forbes market research, and two national surveys, and Facebook and website analytics, coupled with a prototyping team, board of advisors, and pipeline of non-provisional and provisional patents to go after the same, Alphapura has identified and defined a US market exceeding $100 billion for home and office recycling-manufacturing appliances, and has laid out a specific plan to capture that market beginning with our focused beachhead market in CA.

Think Big or Small

Our technology is scalable, which means that you can license it for use in personal, family, community, and industrial-sized systems. 

Close the Deal

Our intellectual property pipeline will disrupt the 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, retail, and e-commerce industries, by allowing users to easily make over a million types of products in their homes and offices, out of their meltable recyclables, allowing them to have, save, and use more, while spending, wasting, and depleting less. Alphapura Robotics is a seed-stage product development company organizing to find the right investor(s) and partner(s) for the future. Click HERE to view our pitch deck.