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ALPHAPURA Recycling Manufacturing Systems


Partnering with the Future

Based on the most recent Wohler Report, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Forbes market research, and two national surveys, and Facebook and website analytics, coupled with a prototyping team, board of advisors, and pipeline of non-provisional and provisional patents to go after the same, Alphapura has identified, defined, and is seeking to pursue a US market ranging between $100B-$1T for home and office recycling-manufacturing appliances, and has laid out a specific plan to capture that market beginning with our focused beachhead market in our home state.

Think Big or Small

Our technology is licensable, and/or can be custom-designed and built to meet different user needs, ranging from desktop personal size, to family or fridge size, to community or van size, to room or building industrial sizes, to transform a global problem, meltable pollution, into 3D printed and machined houses, boats, cars frames, prototype shells, wind farm scaffolding, solar panel scaffolding, water banks, water purifiers, agricultural tools and equipment, furniture, kitchen and dining ware,  tools, art, building materials, and over a million other types of 3D products.

Close the Deal

Our IP pipeline will disrupt the 3D printing industry as users of our comparable technology will no longer need to continuously buy a consumable or meltable "filament", the building material in 3D printing, used to make new 3D products. Instead, the 3D printing market users can use their continuous flow of meltable garbage with our system. Furthermore, our use of AI in recycling manufacturing systems, will make our system much easier for novices to use. Alphapura has been independently valued at $4M, and needs $1M seed funding for $4M revenue and $1M profit in Y1.  Click here for a copy of our most recent pitch deck.