Alphapura Robotics has partnered to give 10% of all donated proceeds to the American Red Cross, for the good work they do.

Please donate $1 or more here at GoFundMe if you want to help the world turn its meltable pollution problem into a million cheaper solutions. 

The home page www.alphapura.com has a video of the ARMS prototype turning ocean garbage into brand new products, one of a million choices.

Click HERE for a video on the interconnected world issues we think we can alleviate, caused by an exploding human population, demanding the exponentially decreasing resources required to adapt to change to survive and grow in the manner we have, and this can not be sustained. 

One way or another things are going to change, and we can alleviate that change, by giving ourselves and others who live in the most desolate parts of the globe a chance at a better life, access to cheap but vital tools and materials repurposed into a million new products, new ideas, new technologies, to make the one tribe, humanity, bigger and better. 

This could turn the great deserts of the world into green hills on which water could be inexpensively made and pumped from aquifers, collected, moved, purified, to grow green fields, orchards, and cattle, reducing desertification and food inflation.

We believe our technologies can help build cheap clean water infrastructures, solar still water purifiers, solar panel and wind farm scaffolding, housing, furniture, boats, cars, art, sheds, sandals, umbrellas, medical and emergency shelters, vessels, and equipment, tools, building materials, bridges, containers, kitchenware (need a food-safe sealant, $10 at local art store, to protect from plastic leaching into foods), shelves, couches, chairs, tables, benches, wheel barrows, water tanks (need a food-safe sealant from local art store), agricultural fencing and shading, plastic watering troughs (may need sealant, use dependent).

On a sliding scale, we promise to make our technology affordable to others, by not only selling systems, but renting them by subscription, and/or pay-per-use, and have plans to donate systems to communities in need.

Accordingly, the fastest way for us to bring the world a safe and sleek commercial product is to find funding to finish up the prototype and get it safety certified for sale in US and EU test markets.

Donating $1 will help us alleviate most of the world's problems with this technology, by turning global pollution into new products, almost any new product, with virtually a free building material.

By feeding the ARMS beta units with users' plastics recyclables, or the world's overflowing plastics pollution, users can save money by making the products they need, while helping the environment, saving the time and money they would have spent on a near identical product at the store.

Help us significantly reduce the cost of 1 million products, changing the world, quality of life, and access to basic tools and materials required to adapt to change, to survive and grow faster, by donating $1 or more to the development of our vision for these causes, one solution to major world issues, for a dollar at GoFundMe

The world, the American Red Cross, and we thank you.

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