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ALPHAPURA Recycling Manufacturing Systems

Alphapura Recycling-Manufacturing Systems (ARMS)*

1. Recyclable plastics inserted into the side of the unit.
2. Recyclable plastics shredded into grain within the unit.
3. Grain collected under the shredder in a container.
4. Container placed into position on top of the unit.
5. One of a million online 3D printing files are loaded onto the unit.
6. Shredded plastic is melted into a molten stream on the building deck.
7. Downloaded 3D printing file guides molten stream to build a 3D object.
8. Use, sell, trade, modify, or donate the 3D object, to save or make money.

9. Let artificial intelligence show you how to use the machine.

10. Learn how to make and sell your own 3D products and materials.

Waste less by making more with meltable recyclables

Make tools, gifts, games, dinnerware, toys, jewelry, accessories, models, prototypes, picture frames, cell phone cases, building materials, molding, shelves, clothes, and pretty much anything made out of hard materials.

Save more by buying less, and profit more by selling more

The more you make, the less you will waste, and the less you will buy, the more you will save, and the more you sell of what you make, the more you will profit, allowing the system to potentially pay for itself and generate a profit, a win-win.

*ARMS 1.0 is currently in the prototyping phase, expected by Xmas 2018.