The future of product acquisition on and off the Earth

The future of product acquisition on and off the EarthThe future of product acquisition on and off the Earth

ARMS Recycling Manufacturing

Watch as meltable junk, like the problematic plastics found in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, or in your recycle bin, or on your side walk, collected and ground into a building material for manufacturing, then melted into brand new furniture, art sculptures, and personal accessories, all in a single system, with a million different product designs to choose from online, or using custom-made CAD/CAM design files.

ARMS 1.0

Alphapura Recycling 3D Printer CNC Buy Sell Custom Recycler 3D Printing Solar Rechargeable A.I. AI

Contact us at the bottom for a customized quote  if you want to buy or rent a system, from desktop size to 1/3 size of a football field, with the following add-ons. Please visit the licensing page for more details on modules.

Voice command artificial intelligence module

3D printing manufacturing module

CNC manufacturing module

Injection molding module

Rechargeable battery module

Renewable energy generator module

Recaptured energy generator module

Grinder module  

Cleaning module

3D scanner module

Spray paint module

WiFi module

Server module

Infrared machine learning module


Waste less by making more with meltable recyclables

Make tools, gifts, games, dinnerware, toys, jewelry, accessories, models, prototypes, picture frames, cell phone cases, building materials, molding, shelves, clothes, and pretty much anything made out of hard materials.


Save more by buying less, and profit more by selling more

The more you make, the less you will waste, and the less you will buy, the more you will save, and the more you sell of what you make, the more you will profit, allowing the system to potentially pay for itself and generate a profit, a win-win.

For those interested in buying, subscribing, leasing, renting, customizing, and/or ordering a unit and/or licensing its patent family, please contact Alphapura below, or at, or please contact Frederick Janson at (916) 969-6239, Rocklin, CA