About Us


Alphapura is an R&D company, located close to Silicon Valley, and the San Francisco Financial District, focused on developing home and office personal-sized recycling manufacturing systems, (ARMS), to be facilitated by artificial intelligence, which users will interact with, so users won't have to learn how to use system to be able to convert their meltable trash into a million different types of products or cheap global solutions.

This is going to be a new product aquisition system revolution and one for a more sustainable future, delivering you new products, made out of old meltable plastic products, faster than you can order a similar product online or drive to the store to get, and for much less. Faster, cheaper, and more convenient is a better product acquisition system than is currently available.


Alphapura Robotics was founded by Stanford University's and HP's R&D veterans Frederick Janson and Ratan Daniel, and an advisory board of 30 professionals, including 3 multinational CEOs, 1 on the NASDAQ, in outdoor adventure manufacturing and IoT. Alphapura's International R&D (AIR) Collaboration or AIR Collaboration, is what ultimately allowed Alphapura to pursue the long road to manufacturing units in America.


Alphapura's  ARMS Prototype 

Turns Garbage into New Products


Alphapura's International R&D 

(AIR) Collaboration 


1st USPTO Patent Approved 


Alphapura LLC incorporates 


Graduated from Impact VC 


4 x USPTO Patent Applications 

(2014-Present, Patent Pending)